Passages Malibu: Understanding Our Holistic Philosophy

Passages Malibu has a unique understanding of what constitutes an addiction as well as the steps that can be taken to resolve one. Modern treatments all but condemn the people suffering from addiction as having a disease, but this approach is unfair and our specialists have been trained respond far differently. At Passages Malibu, we do not believe that an addiction to drugs and alcohol is a disease at all, but rather something else entirely.

Why Addiction is Not a Disease

Our therapeutic modalities borrow from the very best Eastern and Western philosophies in existence, and not once do they ever mention addiction as being a disease. In fact, behind every addiction is an underlying condition that cannot scientifically be classified as a disease. These underlying conditions vary from case to case, and therefore a major component of our holistic therapy is to identify the main causes of the addiction so that it can be better understood and ultimately resolved.

Passages Malibu is interested in learning your story so that we can better help. To do this, your treatment team will confer with each other once a week to discuss what they’ve learned about you, and to think of new ways to reach you that will make the strongest and most effective impression possible. Their deep consideration for you is how they are able to develop a custom treatment program with the best results in mind.

The Four Reasons Behind Addiction

In general, we find that all forms of alcohol addiction are caused by one or more of the following reasons: