Before There Was Passages Malibu . . .

Long before there was Passages Malibu, Pax Prentiss found himself physically and mentally addicted to heroin, alcohol, and cocaine. Abusing multiple substances soon turned Pax into an abusive person who isolated himself and constantly betrayed the trust of his friends and family by lying and stealing. This went on for almost ten years before Pax bravely told his father Chris about the situation and how it needed to end.

Together, the two embarked on a journey that would one day lead them to form Passages Malibu. After enrolling Pax into every rehab available, Chris was sad to see his son relapse time and time again. Pax, who was trying his hardest, and who desperately wanted to stop his drug use and alcohol consumption, was likewise disappointed. After thinking about what the problem could be, Pax and Chris soon realized that modern treatments were failing them.

Pax was being let down by generic 12-step methods. He and his father had plenty of motivation between the two of them, but they were actually being demotivated and held back by the rehab treatment itself, which insisted that Pax was not only helpless, but also diseased. How can someone help themselves when they are being told that they are without power? How can a person feel better about themselves when they are told to feel as though they are sick?

Chris and Pax abandoned all of the traditional rehab programs in favor of developing something different on their own. They researched different ways to empower themselves against addiction and came across the positive healing powers of holistic therapy. Eventually they were able to utilize one-one-one therapy to get the root of Pax’s addiction, and it worked far better than any conventional program that they have ever tried.

Instead of covering up his problems by using drugs and alcohol, Pax was able to identify his problems and embrace them with a clear and open mind. There was no need to run away from life anymore Of course, none of this would have been possible if he was being shamed as an addict or told that he had a disease. True healing could begin only when the negative stereotypes were lifted.

Pax has been sober for over 15 years now. He has gone on to live a healthy life and raise a family, all while acting as the CEO for Passages Malibu. With his schedule filled with hope and prosperity and his troubles fully resolved, Pax no longer feels the urge to use drugs and alcohol. It’s the best feeling that he could have ever asked for.

This passionate sobriety is what he and his father want for you, too. At Passages Malibu, you are treated with dignity and respect as the core causes that are driving your addiction first exposed and then removed. Pax no longer has the desire to abuse substances, and we are confident that we can do the same for you, so please call us today for help.